support in the classroom  

- a team approach

Once your child commences with their sessions at Little Lights, your child's teacher can be contacted in order to discuss your child's learning and put in place ways that we can all work together to support your child in their learning process to achieve success. This approach is so beneficial for your child because then home, tutoring and school are all on the same page - reaching for the same goals.

Some things to keep in mind in the classroom:

  • You should discuss with your child's teacher that they should not be called upon for reading out loud in the classroom in front of peers. This creates anxiety and can damage the child's confidence.
  • You should discuss with your child's teacher the necessity of getting extra time for assessments such as NAPLAN and other classroom assessments. There are allowances for computer use and extra time for NAPLAN which your child is entitled to if the support is already in place in the classroom.
  • Discuss with you child's teacher if homework is overwhelming your child - this can always be reduced under circumstances.
  • Anyone working with children would benefit from watching ‘Outside the Square’ PD resource for schools. This would be beneficial for all teachers at the school. Available free online at
  • Your child should have access to decodable readers such as Fitzroy Readers, Totem or Dandelion readers.
  • An evidenced based intervention at school is extremely beneficial.
  • Discuss your concerns with your child's teacher about your child's progress. Ensure a working Individual Learning Plan is implemented and revisited to maintain goal progress and aims. You can request extra term meetings to ensure things are moving in the right direction and ensure that the goals are being met according to the teacher's expectations.