Explicit, direct and systematic phonics instruction.

Phonics instruction teaches letter to speech sound relationship and how to use that relationship to read and spell.

The approach of teaching at Little Lights...

- is explicit in that the teaching is very direct, e.g. the letter 't' makes a /t/ sound. 

- is systematic, teaching via a scope and sequence so that students can learn to read and spell words from early on.

- is multisensory, based on the Orton Gillingham approach. 

- is fun and engaging, promoting confidence and success from the first session.



To support children and their families along their journey of dyslexia or other learning difficulties. Little Lights Literacy will assist the child to feel confident in their own abilities in literacy, by venturing back to the start, determining what skills are lacking and causing difficulties and effectively teaching all the required skills that are needed to be a successful reader and speller. Along with the dedicated home support, Little Lights will facilitate a program for the child based on a scope and sequence to improve all areas of their literacy skills.

Every child has the right to learn how to read and write so that they can grow up with the skills to accomplish all that they desire, with nothing to hold them back.