Home support

an essential component

Little Lights is an educational support service which creates goals to assist your child to increase their literacy skills to improve your child’s reading and writing skills. It is based on a weekly session basis but it is more than just an hour a week. An important part of this approach is home support.

Our ultimate aim is to create strong neurological pathways in the brain and in order for this to happen the new skill or information needs to be consolidated; we are aiming for a 'brain training' effect. Especially when children are young, the brain has an incredible amount of plasticity so when we are teaching these skills we are actually changing the brain to allow it to decode and encode letter sound relationships, a skill that the child has previously found difficult because the pathways were not established. 

Home support assists with consolidation.

Home support consists of 10 minutes, 2 to 3 times a week of given supervised activities which varies from an iPad app activity to word lists or time spent on specific Word Shark games (recommended phonics based computer program for home).

These activities throughout the week assist to consolidate the learning that has been taught within session. 

It is a team effort between home and our literacy sessions. As a parent you will also learn a lot along the way!